Phoneme Charts

by - 13:34

In preparation for my dialogue animation piece I decided to create a set of phoneme shapes ready for the lip-sync part of the animation. After watching David Latour's demos I found his style of animation was really effective for lip sync - an area I have always struggled with before.

Essentially you create each phoneme shape you anticipate using then using the pose2shelf script save that shape to the Maya shelf allowing you to easily access that shape at anytime. Then, using TweenMachine, blend the phoneme shapes together for whatever pose you require to create that sound in the dialogue. 

So thats what I did! After a couple quick tests I feel the whole process is much more streamlined and clearer to me now on how to achieve effective lip-sync animation with relative ease. using Stop Staring by Jason Osipa as a guide I have created the majority of the phoneme shapes I will require and layered them out sheets for easy viewing. 


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