Companies that inspire me #4 - Rockstar North

by - 19:30

The infamous Rockstar North, established in 1988 in Edinburgh, are best known for their creation of the Grand Theft Auto franchise one of the best-selling and arguably one of the most successful games ever created both in terms of game design and aesthetic qualities.

Their games are often very character driven creating some of the most believable and interesting personalities  within the video game medium through the clever use of animation and motion capture performance. Similarly to the Creative Assembly, they are a very large studio with over 200 employees creating games that demand high sales to cover their giant budgets. Yet unlike many of the big studios, Rockstar North creates games at a relatively slow pace with their recent Grand Theft Auto V being released 5 years after their previous installment resulting in high quality products with relatively less pressure.

This style of working combined with the companies dedication to creating compelling characters  through the use of animation and motion capture would present an excellent facility to experience working within one of the largest video game studios in the world.

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