Current state of the head rig

by - 11:37

Along with my animations I also submitted my human head rig as well and managed to get some really good feedback on the areas that are working well and those that need most improvement.

Overall though its working as well as I expected, the basics are all in and generally the deformations work cleanly with minimal mess. There are however a few key pieces that need further work that were commented on during my first submittal.

Specifically, the lower lip as it currently stands has too much influence on the top of the lips and when controlled it's managing to pull the upper lip - so this definitely needs changing! Some cleanup around the the eyebrows would also be good, and if anything they need to control more influence because as it stands they are quite limited in their usability and influence.

Additionally, some eye controls would be really beneficial to animation and coupled with the inclusion of the blink and eyelid functions would enhance the rig's usability and functionality and should then allow for some simple animation with relative ease.

Head Rig from Matthew Watson on Vimeo.

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