Companies that inspire me #3 - ThatGameCompany

by - 02:00

Similarly to Media Molecule, thatgamecompany were recently founded in 2006 in Los Angeles and focus on producing small game titles that attempt to invoke emotional responses from players rather than strive for high production, high risk games like Creative Assembly and Rocksteady.

They remain an independent company, not tied to any specific publisher or owner which means their creative drive comes from within the company of just a handful of members. Such freedom has allowed them to experiment within video games and allowed for their products Flow, Flower and Journey to push the very boundaries of game and aesthetic design.

They are a relatively small company that rarely hires focusing to stay small, but the core fundamentals and beliefs of the company are inspiring and being part of such a team (perhaps one day being created by myself) would allow for  the freedom to explore and experiment the true capabilities of the video game medium to evoke emotional responses from its audience.

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