Companies that inspire me #2 - Media Molecule

by - 07:16

Another studio based in the UK, Media Molecule are relatively new being formed in 2006 from  former Lionhead employees and releasing its first game in 2008 - Little Big Planet. Despite being their first game Little Big Planet has been heralded as a monumental success for video games pushing the idea of user generated content for gamers to a whole new level. This combined with the games unique aesthetic style, went on to win dozens of awards including a BAFTA for Artistic Achievement and all this was completed with a team of less than 30 members.

Currently, Media Molecule are working on new unannounced projects under the Sony Corporation but continue to strive for creativity and innovation pushing the boundaries of video game design whilst still keeping their mantra of small, creative teams produce the most interesting games.

It is this freedom and drive for creativity that makes Media Molecule appeal to me most, where small teams who strive for innovation can take the industry in new, fascinating directions and being a part of this new model of design is something I wish to experience at some point in my career.

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