Companies that inspire me #5 - Quantic Dream

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The final company on this list is Quantic Dream who have in recent years revolutionised the video games industry through their belief in motion capture technology to deliver the same engaging, narrative experience of movies through the video game medium.

Founded in Paris, 1997 by industry luminary David Cage, they have pursued their own unique take on video games focusing on interactive storytelling that evolves the entire narrative based on the player's decisions. But their most successful title to date, Heavy Rain released in 2010, has cemented their position as one of the most influential and innovative developers today. The game's incredible motion-capture performances combined with the engaging narrative delivers a movie-like experience with the interactivity of a video game.

This incredible blend of mediums is what attracts me to a studio like Quantic Dream. The idea of delivering compelling, memorable characters like those seen in film through the interactivity of a game is a real possibility for the future of video games and Quantic dream are the ones spearheading that future - a future I hope to play a part in.

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